Quality control


Each and every Acrylic Print or Canvas Print goes through a 5 point quality control inspection before it is sent to our team of professionals in our state of the art laboratory. You, the customer, are our lifeline to Bigger and Better accomplishments in the future.

Each electronic file/photo provided is carefully evaluated for the following to ensure PixtoArt  provides you with the Highest Quality Possible:



Verification of files for the maximum dpi resolution to optimize your Acrylic Print or Canvas Print




To ensure high lights, mid tones and shadow areas are calibrated for an exceptional result.




To ensure cropping scales to the correct proportions of the final requested size. Verify that no part of your image or text is possibly cropped off as a result of human error on our customer’s part.




Better known as Density Maximum. Verification of the density so not to exceed our quality control standard of ink in any one area. Thus each Acrylic Print or Canvas Print is spectacular and not looking over saturated or muddy.




Microns/pixels are verified to eliminate blurred or soft edge degrade fade-offs.